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Hope you guys enjoy my art! I worked really hard on these drawings!

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These pictures are great! The artists who made them really outdid theirselves!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a college aged Aspie with a love for art and cartoons!

Requests and art trades are currently closed.



YkW: Wazzat by ZootyCutie
YkW: Wazzat
Finally around to drawing probably my favorite Yo-kai: Wazzat! X3

I'm a sucker for characters that sound like Ed Wynn. XD

Also, testing a new shading where I added a bit of a blur to the shading.

Wazzat © Level-5
Mxls: Puffly/Raffie Murp by ZootyCutie
Mxls: Puffly/Raffie Murp
Just a twisted idea. XD

Because what else could a tribe of cleanliness and a tribe of filth Mix into but a Murp? XD

Mixels © LEGO
Puffly and Raffie © me
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  • Playing: Best Fiends
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I got tagged...a lot. XD

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags
8. You MUST make up journal entry

My 10 facts:
1. I was in the city on my day off today for filming for school. It sort of stunk. XD
2. I was the only person in my class to have watched a certain movie yesterday, so I got to go home early. XD
3. My most recent interest is Happy Tree Friends.
4. ...That can be blamed by my animation class. Yeah, we legit watched an episode of Happy Tree Friends. XD
5. The last movie I saw was Howl's Moving Castle. Also in my animation class.
6. I still peek everywhere for Trash Packs, even though I own my ultimate fave and they're practically retired everywhere in the US.
7. I have too many WIP MMVs I'm working on. XD
8. I've still got the lingering cough of a cold from a couple weeks ago.
9. I'm practically plugged into my phone now all the time. XD
10. I own Undertale but haven't played it. XD

And going by each person that tagged me:


1: How many Game consoles do you have? - For myself...I own four.
2: Are you a MLP Fan/Brony? >:3 - I'm a fan, but not a true brony.
3: Do you like the Squid sisters from splatoon - Yep. ^_^
4: Do you like Object Shows? - Eh, never got into them.
5: Do you like my Mixels OC Bat-Teeth? - He's fun. ^w^
6: Do you like Homestar runner? - LOVE it. X3
7: Do you like Splatoon? - Yep, but I don't own it. XD
8: do you have a Wii U Or 3DS? - 3DS, yes.
9: Do you like Garnet From Steven Universe >:3 - She's neat. ^_^
10: How many DVD's Or Blu-Rays Do you have? - Too many to count. XD


1. What type of music do you like? - Alternative
2. Which LEGO theme besides Mixels you like and why? - Elves is pretty fun, out of the designs.
3. What do you think about Resident Evil (the games, not the movies) - Eh, never played them.
4. What episodes of Mixels you like the most? - Mixamajig is the best one. XD
5. What was the most rude thing you have ever done? - I MIGHT have said things with bad intentions unintentionally at times.
6. Have you played any of the LEGO games? - Yep, own the Mixel apps and some of the license ones.
7. What was your first LEGO set? - A LEGO truck set.
8. Are there things your addicted to? - TONS. XD
9. What is the LEGO theme you hate the most? - Not the biggest Chima fan.
10. What was the saddest moment in your life? - Anytime family passed away.


1. Do you like Minecraft? - I've never played it, but I like the stuff. ^_^
2. What food do you hate? - Cabbage
3. Favourite episode of Mixels? - Mixamajig.
4. Have you ever been blocked on ANY wiki on Wikia? - Not that I know of.
5. Do you own a Nintendo console? - Wii and DS.
6. Do you watch other Cartoon Network shows? - Steven Universe and We Bare Bears. Asides from Mixels. XD


1. favourite pokemon? - Murkrow
2. favourite transformer? - Wreck-Gar
3. favourite mix and murp? - Flain and Seismo Mix, Scorpi and Glurt Murp
4. do you play angry birds? - Yep. X3
5. favourite toa? (bionicle) - Gali
6. Mario or Luigi? - Luigi
7. favourite max? - Orbitons
8. jedi or sith? - Jedi
9. favourite starter pokemon? - Bulbasaur. X3
10. do you have any mixels sets? - TONS. XD


1: What are your favorite mobile games? - Best Fiends and Nibblers.
2: Any favorite edutainment show? - I liked Cyberchase when it was on.
3: If you were an elemental magician, what element would you use? - Water
4: Got any song stuck in your head right now? - ...Dogsong. XD
5: What game do you like but never played yet? - Undertale.
6: Where would you go for a dream vacation? - Japan
7: Favorite voice actor? - Tom Kenny
8: Which video game villain would you want to hang out with? - Petey Piranha. XD
9: Which do you prefer, coffee or tea? - Tea
10: What kind of dessert would you like? - Brownies.
11: Would you like were-beasts or zombies? - Zombies, they're neat.
12: What is your favorite game genre? - Kid anime.
13: Your views on magic girl anime? - They're fun. ^_^

And an extra tag from PuppyLuver XD
1. Chocolate or strawberry? - Strawberry. I love strawberry ice cream. X3
2. How many pets have you had? - Five...ish? XD Three fish, two dogs, COUNTLESS sea monkeys.
3. What's your favorite cake? If you don't like cake, just say your favorite dessert. - Chocolate budino cakes. They are SO good.
4. your name? - Maddie!
5. your quest? - To be the best artist I can be!
6. your favorite color? - Pink. XD
7. If you were a dog, which breed would you be? - Shih tzu. X3
8. What's your most ambitious project to date? - Probably my animation work for school.
9. Do you have any stupid hats? If so, which is your favorite? - My favorite stupid one is a sort of poofy white brimmed one that looks like one of those 70s mod hats. XD
10. Would you smooch a ghost? - HECK YEAH.

And by TheYoshiState 

1. Favorite Yoshi color? - Pink
2. First game you ever got? - One of those point and click Blues Clues computer games. XD
3. Show you most watched as a kid? - Sesame Street, probably.
4. First computer and when did you use it? - One of those OLD long-backed ones in the...late 90s, I wanna say. Mainly for computer games. XD
5. If you want to be a character in a particular show, what would it be? - Hm...maybe Teslo?
6. Ever posted drawings on other sites before joining Deviantart? - Nope.
7. How many VHS tapes do you still have? - TONS.
8. Have you ever been banned from any sites? - Nope.
9. Favorite Pokemon? - Murkrow.

And now MixelTime 

1. Do you play web games? - Here and there.
2. Least favorite TV show? - Not too big on some adult cartoons at times.
3. What do you prefer, PC or laptop? - PC
4. A video of a cat. What's your reaction?
- D'aaaaaw!
- *squee*
- Wh-wha?
- Meh.
5. What's your favorite toys/collectables, besides Mixels? - Trash Packs and Shopkins
6. What is your favorite moment on Spongebob Squarepants? - Sweet Victory. X3
7. What is your greatest fear? - Hm...not sure on that.
8. Are you a digital or a traditional artist? - Both, but heavier lean to digital.
9. Least favorite Mixels episode? - Fang Gang Log Toss
10. Favorite internet meme? - Draw me like one of your French girls.

And now by JoshuaTheKid24 

1. Worst injury/pain experienced? - Probably rolling my ankle something badly by landing on it wrong.
2. What are you currently doing right now? - Doing this journal, listening to music.
3. Favorite OC of mine? - Pourupp
4. Have you recently been addicted to any song/music theme remixes? - There's a really neat remix of Spider Dance from Undertale.
5. Favorite animation cartoon style? - Children's anime.
6. Most overrated line said in Mixels (your opinion)? - I feel like the "Schmitzels" line is getting overused.
7. Do you cuss? How often? - Rarely.
8. Most regretful video you saw on YouTube? - Some of the "weird side of the internet" ones. XD
9. Meat or cheese? - Cheese
10. Do you have a catchphrase? - "Wat."

And by TheDrawingDino123 

1. Why do you join DA? - To show off art and meet friends.
What is your:
2. Fav Mixel - Tie between Teslo, Scorpi, and Nurp-Naut
3. Fav Mix - Flain and Seismo
4. Fav Mixel tribe - Orbitons
5. Fav Mixel episode - Mixamajig
6. Fav OC of mine - Storma
7. Fav cartoon - Mixels
8. Fav ship - Um...FlareupxGrandus, I guess? XD
9. Do you ship Mixels? (If you do, why?) - Scarcely, because there's only a few I do truly ship.
10. Do you think some of my art isn't supposed to be published? (If you do, why?) - I don't think so!

And by Wisecracked 

1. What was the first thing you were into when you joined dA? - Muppets and Homestar Runner.
2. Small dogs or big dogs? - Small. X3
3. Do you watch any anime? - Yo-kai Watch and Anpanman.
4. Favorite soundtrack? - I love the first Pokemon soundtrack. XD
5. Which people would you consider amazing and important to you? Mention them. - My family and ALL of my friends. X3
6. Do you prefer writing, drawing, or something else? - Drawing.
7. Do you play any games you enjoy? - I LOVE Best Fiends.
8. Any other sites(yes, I'm asking this again) you go on?(e.g Wikia, Tumblr, Twitter) - All of those mentioned, plus Neopets and Youtube.
9. Favorite character? It can be from any fandom. - Zoot. X3
10. [insert question here] - [insert answer here]

And by Dadaw6622 

1. What is your fave animall? - Crows.
2. What games you like? - Pokemon, Mario, and pretty much most Nintendo.
3. Which Youtuber is your fave? - The Runaway Guys.
4. Do you play minecraft? - Nope.
5. What is your fave snack? - Ice cream.
6. What do you do when you are bored? - Play on the computer
7. What is your fave stuff? - My Mixels. 
8. Which games do you want to have? - Yo-kai Watch and Happy Home Academy.
9. Wich pet do you want to have? - Another doggie. X3
10. Wich music type is your fave? - Alternative.

And by OfficialDerekis 

Favorite Childhood Movie? - Disney Princess Movies
Favorite Mixels OC of mine? - Bitz
Favorite Pixel Mixels Animation I made on Youtube? - The broken Cubit one.
Favorite Upcoming Game? - Hm...Yo-kai Watch, I guess? X3
Favorite Yo-Kai from Yo-Kai Watch? - Jibanyan
Favorite Childhood Toy(s)? - LEGO
What's your favorite Plant from Plants vs. Zombies (1 or 2). - Pea Shooter
Do you like Cheez-its? - Yep. X3
What kind of Computer do you use? - A Gateway
What would you do if you were Snoof in AQFTLM? - I'd try to stay reasonable.

And by MasterofGaburincho 

1. Anything you like? - Mixels, and all my other fandoms.
2. Anything you hate? - A good chunk of gross-out things, Trash Pack withheld.
3. Opinions on animation? - MY PASSION.
4. Favorite toy? - Mixels
5. Do you liek Waffles? - Yeah I like waffles!
6. If you were in control of the Internet, what would you do? - I'd give SLIGHT more free range and try and remove region block.
7. Favorite game? - Probably...Awesomenauts.
8. Do you like Dinosaurs? - Yeah, they're awesome!
9. What is your opinion on egotistical Youtubers. - It CAN be annoying to watch them...
10. Do you think copyright is a bitch? - When it comes to Youtube, yeah...

And by DarkTidalWave 

What is your most favorite Mixels character? - Tie of Teslo, Nurp-Naut, and Scorpi.
Favorite Mixels OCs? (Except for Predasparks or Predasparks cousins) - Bombar
Which paint program you do? - Photoshop Elements and Inkscape.
Why you joined Deviantart or Mixels Wiki? - dA to show off art, Wiki to help out.
What do you think of Kamen Rider/Mixels Crossover I did? - Really neat!
Other things to do? - Hmm...not sure...
Who is ready for Star Wars VII?! - TOTALLY!
Thought of King Nixel? - I still like him, despite the twist. XD
Thought of Ultra-Miximum Max? - Also awesome. XD
Favorite character from different show? - Zoot.

And by Berp101 

1. What gaming platform do u have? - Wii and 3DS.
2. If you had a Mixel, who would it be? IK im not putting effort in this. - Teslo or Scorpi.
3. Do you like math? - Nah. XD
4. What Yo-Kai do you like? - Jibanyan, Noko, and Wazzat.
5. What pokemon do you like? - Murkrow and Bulbasaur.
6. Do you like my icon? (BTW fair answer to this one) - Yeah, it's neat!
7. Do you like being tagged? - At times...BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH. XD
8. Paper art or digital art? - Digital
9. China or Mexico? - Um...Mexico? I guess? XD
10. Mixels or Shopkins? :d - Mixels, by far!

And by Bill-Cipher2 

1. If you had to watch one television station forever and on for the rest of your life, what would it be? - Um...Disney XD, I guess?
2. What is your favorite LEGO piece? - I like the Mixel eyes.
3. How many words have you typed so far, including the answer to this question? - Fourteen.
4. What does that tell you about your answering skills? - I'm brief? XD
5. Meow. - Meow!
6. What flavor of plasma tastes best to you? - Cherry.
7. Come up with a rhyme to your name (screen or real) and tell me if it fits you. - TuttiFrutti? XD
8. What is your favorite day (dd/mm/yy) of the year? - May 7th, 1994.
9. When's the last time you played tag? - Does this count? XD
10. Favorite - ...Starbucks? XD

My questions:

1. Series you're into that you didn't expect to be into?
2. Most recent brand new game you ever played?
3. Favorite "annoying" song?
4. Favorite parody song?
5. What is your earliest fandom you can remember?
6. What brought you to deviantART?
7. If you could make an ask blog for a character, who would it be for?
8. Most used OC?
9. Most embarrassing part on looking back on your old art?
10. What do you wish you could draw better?

And I tag:

1. PufflePal26 
2. PuppyLuver 
3. Bill-Cipher2 
4. Darkspine16647 
5. DarkTidalWave 
6. DrawingStar12 
7. Lonely-Spectreon 
8. Flainfan 
9. Kii-The-PlasmaBird 
10. FrozenStar37615 
TP: Human Plop-sicko by ZootyCutie
TP: Human Plop-sicko
Decided to get to humanizing my OC Trashies, and I started with Plop-sicko. X3

Anyone else remember when those varied sleeve length shirts were a thing?

Trash Pack © Moose Toys
Plop-sicko (in any form) © me
Mxls: Mixel Squares 2 by ZootyCutie
Mxls: Mixel Squares 2
The 2015 version of the Mixel Squares! X3

Since the 2.0s and Lixers didn't have leaders, I went with how publicized the character was, like I did for my Tribe Swaps.

Mixels © LEGO
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: I've Just Seen a Face - The Beatles
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  • Watching: Mixels
  • Playing: Best Fiends
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  • Drinking: TaB
This goes out ESPECIALLY towards Mixel fans, since I think a few could use a good test drive of it.

Try a shadow test! A good OC should look unique to others, especially ones in canon.

Don't let that deter you if some look similar to each other. The point they look different enough that you can be told JUST by their shadow?

Test it out. Take two characters that you think look pretty similar and draw them shaded in ENTIRELY black shadows. Don't use special colors, since that can cheat and make it easier!

Do they look the same? Or are their clear differences that you, but ESPECIALLY your followers, can peg out the differences? Do they have extra things? Or height differences? What makes them stand out?

This is my Shadow Test. Can you guess who's who well enough?

Mxls: Shadow Test by ZootyCutie

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